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Nothing But Words

Nothing But Words

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Aspiring author Ethan Garland's dreams come true when his first published novel is chosen as one of sixteen entries in a world-renowned writing contest and festival. The week-long festival is hosted in the small Northern California town of Ustumah City, where towering redwood trees cast a shadow over everything for miles.

Having spent the past year and a half engrossing himself in his writing, Ethan's relationships with his girlfriend, Ashley Hollins, and best friend, Marcus Connors, have begun to unravel. All three friends set out together on the week-long vacation to Ustumah City, hoping that the trip will be just what they need to rekindle their dying relationships.

Things are further complicated when strange coincidences begin to blur the line between fiction and reality. Ethan soon finds himself wrapped up in a mystery that pits him against an ancient power beyond his comprehension. The stranger reality gets the more Ethan begins to question if he can even trust his own mind, and the further down the rabbit hole he goes the more he continues to jeopardize his relationships with both Ashley and Marcus.

Nothing But Words is a story about people and their roles in the stories we choose to tell. It is also about the stories themselves, and what can happen when they begin to take on a mind of their own.

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