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More Valley Animals, 2020

More Valley Animals, 2020

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Ten years after he delighted readers with Valley Animals, 2010 author Brooks Firestone has released a second compilation of stories about Santa Ynez residents—both the humans and their feathered and furry friends. Catch up on this all-new batch of stories in More Valley Animals, 2020 available online and at your favorite bookstore. 

Allasdair “Loon” Hilleary’s charming illustrations bring many of the tales hilariously to life.

“Valley Animals is a compilation of well-told animal tales, revealing how intertwined and important pets, livestock, and wildlife are to the history and fabric of our Valley.” – Dr. Doug Herthel

“Our neighborhood loves and respects animals, and these stories express those Valley feelings.” – Bo Derek

Brooks Firestone has worked as a tire executive, a winemaker, a ranch owner, a California State Assemblyman, and a Santa Barbara County Supervisor. He and his wife, Kate, have lived for forty-eight years in the Santa Ynez Valley, where they raised their four children.

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