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Love's Mirror: A Tragic Romance

Love's Mirror: A Tragic Romance

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A taut, medical tragedy, this novella takes you on a journey of love and hate.

Dr. Andrew Wellington is a successful and confident orthopedic surgeon in the UK medical scene, until he is caught in bed with another woman by his long-term lover, Sarah Hopkins. Sarah swears she will get revenge by destroying Andrew's career, and uses her influence as a hospital administrator to do it.

Now under investigation for improper conduct and medical negligence Andrew is suspended from practicing medicine in the UK. Frustrated and determined, Andrew travels to New York for a speaking engagement where he meets Alison, a stunning beauty, striking similar to his former lover, Sarah.

Told from several viewpoints, William C.R. Agunwa's Love's Mirror tells us a tale of love, betrayal, and perhaps the most dangerous of all - sibling rivalry.


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