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Jobs for the Boys

Jobs for the Boys

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Dr. William Agunwa's, Jobs for the Boys is a novel inspired by years of experience as an internationally traveling orthopedic surgeon, exploring the rise of big oil companies between 1930 and 1980 and the direct effects on the people, culture, and politics of Saudi Arabia.

Through a mosaic of stories, Agunwa depicts Saudi Arabia through the eyes of young Arabs struggling with a rapidly changing world, wealthy Saudi princes, foreign oilmen caught between tradition and industry, and many more. With thrilling moments of cultural clarity, pure human connection, and extremely radical idealism, Jobs for the Boys will change the way you look at Saudi Arabia.

"This is not the story of one life but of many lives which, taken together, are history." - The Book Guild

"Ultimately, Jobs for the Boys is the tale of a resource. An ocean of oil, hidden under the sand." - Bookchurch

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