Teri Harmon, Author

Teri Harmon enjoys a successful career as a Financial Planner and Philanthropist involved with projects both locally and overseas. Her lifestyle and activities have exposed her to an amazing cast of real-life characters that have enriched her life and instincts for creative expression and leadership.

Teri is a native Californian, enjoys participating in various games of backgammon, bocce and cards, loves spending time with her family and friends, and teaches financial literacy to students when not traveling abroad. Teri lives in the Santa Ynez Valley…

…and just for the record, does not represent the main character in this book!

Dr. Sarah Stevens had the perfect Santa Barbara Beach lifestyle, a loving family and successful career – until she found herself at the wrong place and wrong time as a witness to a Russian mob hit. While she managed to escape into the protection of the FBI, she is now being pressured to testify against a notorious crime family; a sure way to end up dead!

Sarah comes up with a secret plan to sacrifice herself to protect those she loves with only her FBI handler the wiser. Together they orchestrate an elaborate plan to defy death and hide her from the criminals, the law and her family.

Now on the run and in disguise, Sarah struggles to find herself, even as she secretly watches her old family from afar.

Her loyal dog Max isn’t buying any of it - neither is the mobster Oleg who is hunting her.

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