Brooks Firestone

Brooks Firestone is a rancher, winemaker, assembleyman, and the author of both Evensong and The Valley Animals Collection from Santa Ynez, California.


Barbara "BJ" Johnson

BJ is the author/illustrator behind the acclaimed children's book, Amad the Moroccan Tree Goat.

Dustin Hoiseth

Dustin Hoiseth is the author of the psychological suspense novel, Nothing But Words.

Rebbecca Davis

Rebecca Davis is the author of contemporary, nature-based children's books Wall Dolphin and The Little Pika.

Tenley Force

Tenley Force is the Southern California based author of New: Nursing and the Art of Being Human.


Dr. William Agunwa

Dr. Agunwa is an experienced world traveler and author of several titles, from Hampshire, England.

Teri Harmon

Teri Harmon is a philanthropist and the author of the tense witness protection thriller, The Sacrificial Deal.

Guy Galzerano

Guy Galzerano is the author of the punk/fantasy novel, The Hollows, from Santa Barbara, CA.

Dr. Ichak Adizes

Dr. Ichak Adizes is the founder of the Adizes Institute and author of over 26 titles translated into over 30 languages worldwide.


Marci Kladnik

Marci Kladnik is the author of the animal based Maggie Adopts a Kitten children's series set in Los Alamos, California.

John Stelnicki

John Stelnicki is a retired translator, editor, and the direct descendant of Countess Anna, based in San Fransisco, California.

Iris Hart

Iris Hart is an editor and narrator of The Countess's Diary, based in Paris, France.