The Art of Cover Design 2.0

The Art of Cover Design 2.0

Two words that perk up the ears of anyone who grew up in the 90's:

Jurassic Park.

When one of my clients asked me if I had ever read the original book, I couldn't help but visualize myself back in my dad's office holding it. (I've read his copy of Jurassic Park so many times that it has duct tape along its spine.) Without hesitation I blurted out:

"You mean the black T-Rex skeleton against the white background?"

it was a mental knee jerk reaction. I couldn't help visualize that cover - in fact elements of it have appeared in so many forms, including the books, movies, games, and toys - that when a child with a JP shirt walked by me the other day, it barely registered that it was a symbol from the early 90's.

When a design becomes part of our culture, part of our daily routine - so much so that it is impossible not to imagine it - you know you have something special.

So when my client mentioned one of his favorite Ted Talks featured the original Jurassic Park cover designer, Chip Kidd, I leapt at the chance to watch the video.


This talk cements the fact that cover design is an art in itself. A canvas to be explored, like painting a poem. No matter what, a good cover can be something to talk about... even 30+ years later.

It can draw someone in to pickup a book they have never even heard of, and it is critical for a good book to have a good cover.

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