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"Poetic and eerie in its truth, Mixed Blood will change the way you view the American Frontier."


Mixed Blood

Featured Authors

Both a musician and an author, Tim McGlue shares his middle name with his mixed-blood ancestor, William Whipple Warren. He was drawn to the history of the Ojibwe, and spent years researching the details of Warren's journey.

Teri Harmon enjoys a successful career as a Financial Planner and Philanthropist involved with projects both locally and overseas. Her lifestyle and activities have exposed her to an amazing cast of real-life characters that have enriched her life and instincts for creative expression and leadership.

Tenley Force is a writer, disaster response nurse, and seminary student, who was born and raised in Southern California. It is her passion to explore what it means to truly be human under the pressures of death and inadequacy, in order to better equip others to live holistically healthy lives.

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