Bookchurch is a non-religious, non-profit organization that strives to collect and donate books to where they can best be used by the community.

Many book donations are well intended, but unfortunately these donations often consist of multiple titles that vary by topic, genre, and quality. With a system of targeted book donations, Bookchurch seeks to provide organizations with reading and research materials specific to their needs. By analyzing the content of the books, Bookchurch delivers curated collections to where they can best be used by libraries, youth organizations, arts and culture centers, schools, and non-profits.

Bookchurch was founded in 2022 by Louis Force Torres, owner of Polyverse Publications and plans to expand throughout the city and county of Santa Barbara throughout 2022-2023.


To bring more books to more people by strategically curating collections - arranged by genre, subject matter, and demand - to optimize and increase the efficacy of book donations for readers, donors, and organizations.

Bookchurch Board

Louis Torres

Bookchurch founder and Director, Louis Force Torres is a publisher and an avid reader. He often makes book donations to encourage others to read, and discovered a lot of wasted books during his bookstore and library tours.

After seeing too many boxes of books baking in the sun, Louis decided to create Bookchurch, dedicated to curating collections specifically to target communities where the books can best be used.


Amy Plesetz

Amy Plesetz is a biologist and business owner. She is working to create awareness about large scale issues that affect all of us.

With years of experience seeing the effects of pollution and waste on the environment, she is adamandt about reducing book waste through Bookchurch.

Guy Galzerano

Activist and Author, Guy Galzerano is a business owner and environmental activist. His books explore themes about environmentalism, humans and their impact on the planet, and what to do about it.

He is happy to be on the Bookchurch board.


Tenley Force

Author and Nurse, Tenley Force is an expert in her field, having served organizations involved with the Covid crisis and the Ukranian war.

Her work with Bookchurch is greatly valued.