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Many words. Many universes. Many stories. At Polyverse, our mission is to turn these stories into completed titles. With consistent industry research, and a tendency to spend time in bookstores, Polyverse can help you find the right path to get your product on the shelf.

During brainstorming meetings, we discuss genre definitions, marketability, and create a strategy specifically tailored to building your title. With a priority on communication, Polyverse is happy to take a phone call or sit down for a cup of coffee. We even offer optional live design sessions, where we implement requested cover and format changes during the meeting.

We are based in Santa Barbara, and love our local bookstores! In fact, we are active with over 14 retail locations on the West Coast. We also maintain and monitor global sales channels so your title will be available through the Baker & Taylor distribution network.

The Polyverse team is happy to schedule a complimentary consultation to give advice and feedback on the state and potential for your project.

"Thanks so much for your advice and assistance in establishing myself as a local author."

- Assemblyman Brooks Firestone

"Brilliant!! I much prefer your Polyverse route as my encounter with Amazon on their suggested book advert and sales was not productive at all."

- Dr. William Agunwa

"Having the opportunity to have Mr. Torres as my consultant is such a blessing... If you want someone that's going to be productive, positive, and professional, you contact Louis Torres."

- Joseph Navarro, JJ Publishing

"Louis Force Torres is an exceptionally conscientious and highly qualified publisher/ promoter who strives to please his clients. He puts his heart into his work. We are very glad we decided to go with Polyverse Publications!"

- Iris Hart, Foranna, LLC.

Efren Stat, Author

Guy Galzerano, known by his pen name Efren Stat, was born on the shores of California. Within the great natural magic of the coast, he craved a way to release his thoughts and passions into stories. His first written novel, The Hollows, was written in his mid-20’s. The creation began during a starry night on the top of a creaky Coulter Pine resting on the edge of a grassy bluff.

With his heavy history of smashing and bashing in rugby, he found his body broken and worn. He wrote for a short time Murmurs of the Deep, post-game reviews, and then nozzled into his lifetime career of Stone Masonry and writing novels.

With his first novel, The Hollows, Efren Stat tackles environmental concepts. In a world where men have cut down trees for so long, The Hollows gives the Trees life enough to cut down men.


The Hollows is a riotous clash of living trees, pirates, scoundrels, criminals and crusaders. If you are looking for Harry Potter this isn't it. A celebration of different perspectives in the war for Gaia, and those who guard it, versus the demonic forces that wish to take over.

Through these pages we travel across forests and seas, both real and imaginary, experiencing a tale of dark magic, loss, and the strong bonds of brotherhood. Also there are skeleton gangs, hellhounds, witches, an ancient galaxy of death, and more than just a few battles.

If you are looking for a new flavor of fantasy - The Hollows is it!

Coming Soon

Teri Harmon, Author

Teri Harmon enjoys a successful career as a Financial Planner and Philanthropist involved with projects both locally and overseas. Her lifestyle and activities have exposed her to an amazing cast of real-life characters that have enriched her life and instincts for creative expression and leadership.

Teri is a native Californian, enjoys participating in various games of backgammon, bocce and cards, loves spending time with her family and friends, and teaches financial literacy to students when not traveling abroad. Teri lives in the Santa Ynez Valley…

…and just for the record, does not represent the main character in this book!

Dr. Sarah Stevens had the perfect Santa Barbara Beach lifestyle, a loving family and successful career – until she found herself at the wrong place and wrong time as a witness to a Russian mob hit. While she managed to escape into the protection of the FBI, she is now being pressured to testify against a notorious crime family; a sure way to end up dead!

Sarah comes up with a secret plan to sacrifice herself to protect those she loves with only her FBI handler the wiser. Together they orchestrate an elaborate plan to defy death and hide her from the criminals, the law and her family.

Now on the run and in disguise, Sarah struggles to find herself, even as she secretly watches her old family from afar.

Her loyal dog Max isn’t buying any of it - neither is the mobster Oleg who is hunting her.

Out Now!